This website is being redesigned and newly developed.

My name is Albert Gubler and I’m a 32 year-old Swiss-Filipino living in the beautfiul city of Zurich in Switzerland. I’m passionate about history, the internet and football. What does that mean? I write different things: papers, reviews, stories, letters and blog posts. I love the internet. Being able to connect with people from all over the world is brilliant. I’m also very interested in all forms of pop culture. Football is a great passion of mine: I coach and play and try to follow as many games of my favorite club, Arsenal, as possible.

This website is my personal internet hub where you can find everything I’m currently working on. I work as a Programmatic Advertising consultant for a technology consulting firm in Zurich. My focus is on Search and Social Media marketing. I’m also studying for my Master’s degree in Economic History with a Minor in Modern History at the University of Zurich.

If you have a fascinating project or idea and are looking for someone to collaborate, feel free to get in touch on Twitter! I love to hear about new opportunities and am up for anything. I hope to add a personal, professional blog on this website soon. I’m also grateful for any kind of feedback and look forward to hearing from you!